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This is the EXACT same system the team at 2RockStars uses to find and close new deals every day. It doesn't matter if you're into Digital Landlording or offering services to businesses... If you want to prospect and close new B2B deals, you'll have access to a PROVEN and tested system that works!

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*Includes 1 Year of Access. After 1st year, keep it for just $99/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get business emails?

We've got you covered with Prospectzio, our gift to you. Prospectzio connects directly to Google's Maps API and allows you pull targeted business leads. (Google API provides free access up to a certain limit. Beyond that limit other fees may apply.)

What about SMTP? Any costs?

For Maximum delivery, Revzio uses the most current SMTP technologies. Revzio allows you to quickly connect any SMTP service you like. Most of the ready-to connect services will allow you to send thousands of emails for free. In fact, Revzio goes another step and makes it easy to connect multiple SMTPs - AND it can automatically load-balance/cycle through the accounts.

Is this considered SPAM? How does this impact on GDPR?

CAN-SPAM and GDPR are in place to only protect consumers. Businesses are different. Because businesses list their emails on their websites, they are asking for people to contact them.

Does this work in countries outside of the U.S.?

Yes!Revzio, like all email senders, doesn't discriminate based on territories or countries. And Prospectzio's lead-finding ability works around the globe, for all businesses listed in Google Maps (virtually all businesses). 

How many emails can we load and send daily?

Your special license (with this offer) for Revzio is Unlimited. Your special license does not limit the number of emails you can load and send.

Can I use this for any business?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: Revzio is intended for B2B use. If you are looking to extend your service or offering to other businesses - Revzio is perfect for that!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. We do offer flexible payment options. You can get started for just $299 today! Click the "Get in Now" Button to see...


Join Today For 4 Easy Payments of $299 – OR –
Just 1 Payment of $997 

*Includes 1 Year of Access. After 1st year, keep it for just $99/mo

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